Rooms designed with colonial elegance and simplicity.

Doreen and Cole

George Perley was a representative to the Maine State  Legislature and a Selectman for the town of Gray. In 1829 he purchased the land and built the house soon after, where he and his wife Hannah, along with their six children, lived for several years.

In the 1890's the George Perley House became the Town Farm where those who suffered misfortune and had no one to care for them, could find sanctuary. In 1942, the Town Farm could no longer afford to operate, and was sold for $1,500.

On April 15, 1971, Doreen & Cole Thompson bought the house where they raised three children. In 1994, after their children had finished college, they decided to restore the house to its original condition and open it as a Bed & Breakfast. Cole and Doreen still own the house and live on the property in their saltbox cottage.

Today the house and the business is run by Rachel Lyn Rumson and Mike Joyce with Cole and Doreen as their mentors. They have installed an edible landscape and raise ducks and chickens at the homestead. Mike is a carpenter, avid sportsman and gardener. Rachel Lyn permaculture designer, educator and facilitator who loves to cook the foods they grow and forage.  

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